How to Find Someone’s Instagram Email in Seconds: 7 Easy Ways

How to Find Someone's Instagram Email in Seconds 7 Easy Ways

With 2.4 billion active users, Instagram ranks as the third most popular Social Media Platform globally. Beyond sharing photos and videos, Instagram serves as a hub for networking, business, community building, and influencer collaborations.

If you are looking to contact an Instagram user via email but don’t know where to start, this guide is for you. We’ll walk you through seven methods to find someone’s email address on Instagram quickly and effectively, helping you streamline your outreach process.


Why Is Email Important for Instagram Outreach?

While direct messaging (DM) on Instagram is useful for casual interactions, email remains the preferred choice for formal, professional communications. DMs often go unanswered or get lost in the noise, whereas emails offer a private and professional channel for detailed discussions, personalized pitches, and collaboration opportunities. Over 45% of marketers say emails are their favorite way of reaching out to influencers.

However, when looking for Instagram emails, remember to comply with relevant regulations. It’s important to be mindful of the rules and regulations around data collection and email communication.


Ways to Find Someone’s Email on Instagram


1. Find Instagram Emails with Creable

One of the most efficient ways to access influencer contact information is by using a dedicated Influencer Marketing Platform like Creable. With over 300 million influencers across Instagram, TikTok, and YouTube in its extensive database, Creable provides a comprehensive solution for influencer discovery and management. In addition to finding the right influencers, you can access email addresses and other analytics, such as fake follower details, engagement rates, pricing estimates, and demographics for every Instagram user with more than 1,000 followers.

Using Creable to Find Instagram Emails:

  • If you already have an influencer in mind, type in their Instagram handle in the Creable search bar. To access their email address and other analytics, click the “unlock” button.



  • If you want to find influencers through Creable, use filters to search for influencers based on specific criteria like location, age, gender, follower count, engagement rate, industry, and more. While searching, you can choose “show influencers with emails only”. This targeted approach helps you shortlist the right influencers, unlock detailed analytics including their email addresses, and add them to a campaign list.


Instagram email via Creable Influencer Marketing Platform


Similarly, you can find YouTube emails and TikTok emails of influencers via Creable. Creable’s influencer database is constantly updated, giving you access to the latest and most accurate contact information, saving you hours of manual research and outreach efforts. 

Creable goes beyond just finding contact information. It provides in-depth, advanced analytics on the influencers and their audience including fake follower detection, performance metrics such as engagement rates, pricing estimates, and demographics information, etc. You can even use Creable’s built-in influencer messenger to send emails directly!


2. Directly from Instagram Profiles

a) Check the Instagram Bio

Many Instagram users list their contact details for PR, collaboration, or inquiries in their bio. A quick look at the Instagram bio section can give you the email you are looking for.


Instagram email - Instagram bio


Some influencers and businesses use link-in-bio tools like Linktree and Stan Store to create a landing page with even more contact options. 

For example, Erin’s Stan page lists her email address, website, and links to her social media accounts, such as TikTok and YouTube.


Instagram Email - Instagram Bio Linktree

Instagram Email - Instagram Bio Linktree


b) Use the “Email” or “Contact” Button on Instagram Mobile App

Instagram allows business and creator accounts to display their contact information directly on their profile. 

Here’s how it works:

  • Open the Instagram mobile app.
  • Search for the desired influencer’s profile.
  • Look for a button labeled “Email” or “Contact” near the bio section.
  • Tap the button to reveal their email address and launch your preferred email app to initiate contact.


Instagram Email Button Instagram Contact Button


This feature is exclusive to the Instagram mobile app, it does not work on the desktop version. 


Instagram email


Keep in mind that not all users display their email addresses publicly. In such cases, you need to explore alternative methods to find their contact information. Also, this method works for finding emails one by one. If you want to do this at scale, then you need a better way.


3. Use Instagram Email Finder Tools

Email finder tools and browser extensions can help in finding email addresses for Instagram profiles. Some popular tools include Swordfish AI,, and Bardeen AI. Simply enter the influencer’s name / username or relevant details, and the tool will search for associated email addresses.


Instagram Email Finder Tools


However, be cautious when using third-party Instagram email finder tools as their reliability and legality can vary. Some might provide outdated or inaccurate information, making verification of any obtained email addresses crucial. Additionally, legal restrictions surrounding data collection tools differ depending on location. Familiarize yourself with these regulations before using such tools to ensure compliance.


4. Google Search

You can search for Instagram email addresses on Google using Google Dorks (search operators) as an Instagram email finder.

Here’s how to do it:

  1. Copy your influencer’s exact username from Instagram.
  2. Search for “@Instagram handle” + “” to find their potential Gmail address.


Instagram email via Google Search


Alternatively, you can simply search for “influencer name” + “email address”. 


Instagram email via Google Search


This approach often brings up the desired result quickly, but its effectiveness is limited, as people can change their email addresses, and the results may not always be accurate or up to date.


5. Check Other Social Media Profiles

Many influencers are active on multiple platforms. Cross-checking their profiles on other social networks like TikTok, YouTube, LinkedIn, X (formerly known as Twitter), or Facebook can sometimes reveal contact information they haven’t listed on Instagram.

Simply check their about/bio sections. Many users include their contact information right there. Look for phrases like “For business inquiries” or “Contact me” followed by an email address.

For example, Nikkie de Jager’s Instagram account doesn’t list an email address but her YouTube channel does.


Youtube Email


6. Visit Their Websites

If the Instagram user has a website link in their bio, visit it. Often, people include their contact information on their websites. Look for a “Contact” page or section where you might find their email address.

Cassey Ho’s Instagram account doesn’t list an email address, but her website, Blogilates, does.


Instagram email via website


If there’s a form instead of a direct email address:

  1. Right-click on the form and select “Inspect Element”.
  2. Press “Ctrl + F” (or “Command + F” on Mac) to open the search bar within the inspector tool.
  3. Search for “@” in the code.

This might reveal the email address embedded in the form’s code. However, this technique may not always work and can be unreliable.


7. Ask Them Directly

Sometimes, people simply choose not to disclose their email addresses for privacy reasons or to avoid spam. In these cases, none of the methods above will be effective.

If all else fails, reach out directly via Instagram DM. While it’s not the preferred method for formal collaborations, it can be a useful first step in establishing contact.

Personalize your message and explain why you’re reaching out clearly and concisely. Influencers interested in your proposal will likely respond with their email address, allowing you to continue the conversation on a more professional platform. While it can be time-consuming, the advantages are twofold: you’re assured of receiving a valid email address, and influencers are more likely to open and reply to your email because you have built rapport and they’re already expecting your message.


What Instagram Email Finder Method Will You Use?

We’ve shared seven ways to find someone’s email on Instagram. Whether you leverage Creable, check their Instagram bio, use the “Email” button, utilize email finder tools, search on Google, explore other Social Media profiles, websites, or send a DM, each method has its benefits. These techniques are invaluable for business partnerships and Influencer Marketing.

Regardless of the method you choose, it’s important to approach influencers with authenticity and professionalism. Respect their privacy, and never resort to unethical or invasive tactics to obtain their email addresses.

When you do reach out, personalize your emails, demonstrate a genuine understanding of their content and audience, and clearly articulate the value you can offer through a partnership. Building trust and establishing a mutually beneficial relationship is the foundation of successful Influencer Marketing.

Creable’s comprehensive Influencer Marketing Platform can streamline your entire workflow. From finding influencers and getting detailed analytics including contact information to direct influencer outreach within the platform, managing campaigns, tracking posts, and reporting performance, Creable offers tools to increase your Influencer Marketing ROI.

Start your 14-day free trial with Creable today.

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